sprinkler renovation

Even if you have an older irrigation system, you likely can still upgrade parts of your system to take advantage of new technologies and products.  These upgrades could dramatically impact your system’s effectiveness and water usage.  If you’re curious about how new developments in irrigation systems might help you, please contact us to discuss your options!

Renovating your sprinkler system may include any or all of the following:

* Replacing sprinkler heads: Whether your sprinkler heads are old and leaky or simply outdated in their efficiency, we can determine if new or additional heads could improve the functionality of your system.

*  Adding new sprinkler zones:  If you’ve been adding or subtracting beds, plants, trees, or hardscape form your yard, you might consider re-evaluating your zones.  We can determine if your current zone structure is serving your needs and if not, how we might adjust them to do so.

*  Converting a manual controller to an automatic one:  Installing an electronic controller that can automatically start and stop your system on a set schedule and with variations for zones can dramatically improve your system’s capabilities and your yard’s beauty!

*  Adding a pressure regulator:  Most people don’t think much about the effect of water pressure on irrigation systems, but water pressure that is too high can cause your heads and drip systems to “mist” full-time, wasting water and dollars.  This “misting” is also hard on your system, creating unnecessary wear-and-tear which ultimately costs money in repairs and replacements.

To set up an appointment for a free evaluation of your current system and estimate for any renovations, please call us or follow the instructions on the contact page to submit a request. Our appointment slots run from 8AM to 4PM Monday – Friday and weekends during high season.