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The Colorado climate is more arid than most people realize, and doesn’t support most ornamental laws and gardens without supplementing the natural moisture levels by sprinkling.  A professionally designed and installed irrigation system is good for the environment and good for your wallet. Flatiron Sprinkler will analyze your landscape to design and install the most cost effective and water-efficient system possible. We take into account the size, shape, soil conditions, and shade areas of your yard to ensure the success of your project.

We install all types of irrigation systems. We are experienced in the installation and repair of above- and below-ground systems including those that use:

  • Rotors
  • Sprays
  • Drip Systems
  • Pumps and Pumping Systems

Why Do I Need an Irrigation System?

*  Sprinkler systems save time and effort.  With an automatic sprinkler system, you no longer have to worry about dragging a hose and sprinkler attachment around your yard to properly water your laws and gardens.  The system reliably waters the right amount at the right time of day, without waste or hassle, and, because the system is designed specifically for your property, a Flatiron Sprinkler system will always place exactly the right amount of water on your lawn or garden.  Flatiron Sprinkler installs many self-drain systems allowing you to easily drain your sprinkler system rather than hiring someone to do it for you. Basically, you just turn off the water, and open the drain. It couldn’t be easier!

*  Sprinkler systems increase and/or retain your property value.   Nothing is more disappointing than to spend time and money on a beautiful landscape, only to see it wither and die during one of our many drought seasons.  With an automatic sprinkler system, you can protect your investment and enjoy it for many, many years to come.  Sprinkler systems also improves your home’s value to subsequent home buyers by creating valuable curb appeal and the impression of a home well-cared for. Also, home buyers love to see that a quality sprinkler system is already in place, adding to the value of your home when you sell.

*  Sprinkler systems are reliable.  Why spend time worrying about who will water your grass and plants while you’re away camping this summer?  With an automatic sprinkler system, you can enjoy the great outdoors knowing that you’ll return to your own little patch of paradise at the end of your trip.

sprinkler flowers*  Sprinkler systems are good for the environment.  With all the new technology available, Flatiron can help you determine exactly how much your lawns and beds need, without wasting any of our precious water resources.  We have mechanisms for all types of landscapes, including xeriscaping, and we can design exactly the right system for your needs and budget.

To set up an appointment for a free estimate please call us or follow the instructions on the contact page to submit a request. Our appointment slots run from 8AM to 4PM Monday – Friday and weekends during high season.

“I have used Flatiron Sprinkler, Inc. since 1998 — they’ve done irrigation systems on 3 houses for me!  They’re professional, courteous, and provide exceptional customer service.  They honestly don’t leave a job until you’re satisfied.  But I think the thing I appreciate most is that I never feel like they’re trying to sell me something I don’t know.  James and his crew really try to understand their customers’ needs and budgets, and work within those. I’ve referred lots of friends to them, too, and they’ve all been equally satisfied.”

T.M., Boulder