Irrigation and Landscaping

Sprinkler System Repair and Maintenance

sunset sprinklersKeeping your irrigation system in good working order is the best means of insuring your investment in your system and your landscaping.  Broken sprinkler heads, burst pipes, and non-working timing mechanisms can result in wasted water — and wasted dollars.

Our technicians have the experience and skills to repair or maintain your sprinkler system, regardless of the problem or concern.  We can diagnose a problem and get your system back up and running smoothly sooner than anyone in the business, and we can work on any kind of system –from a small residential lawn system to a large commercial pumping station.  Keep us in mind for:

Our current rate for the first hour of service is $85 per hour and is billed by the quarter hour after the first hour. Repair parts and materials are considered additional costs. Our residential and commercial repair/maintenance services include the following:

*  General Repairs: water supply and automatic controller troubleshooting and/or programming; replacing, repairing, or repositioning sprinkler heads; repairing broken pipes and valves.

*  Sprinkler System Turn-On (April 15th/May 31st): This annual service consists of the reintroduction of pressurized water through your vacuum breaker into your sprinkler system. All zones are activated electronically and inspected for proper performance. Underground zone valves, manifolds and vacuum breakers are inspected to be leak free. Heads are adjusted where needed to reflect their maximum efficiency. Controllers programmed to reflect the needs of your property. Minor repairs where needed. Most activations are completed within our one hour activation rate of $75.

* Sprinkler System Shut-off/Winterization (Sept 15th/Nov 30th): It’s important to prepare your system for winter to avoid frozen heads and pipes that can burst during thaws.  Some systems are simple enough for customers to do themselves, and we’re happy to provide that guidance.  For customers with more complex systems or who would prefer to have our technicians perform the necessary winterization maintenance, we provide shut-off and blow-out services. Most systems are winterized within our one-hour winterization rate of $85.

*  Annual Service Contracts:  For customers with larger or more complicated residential or commercial systems, we offer annual service contracts, based on the size and needs of the systems.  Give us a call to discuss this option.

To set up an appointment for a service call please call us or follow the instructions on the contact page to submit a request. Our appointment slots run from 8AM to 4PM Monday – Friday and weekends during high season.


2 Responses to “Sprinkler System Repair and Maintenance”

  1. Christine Travers

    I have a property at 260 29th st Boulder co 80305 with a cracked backflow.
    What do they cost to replace and due you have the self draining type for a new replacement
    How long would it take to get service. I need my clock and a couple a leaks checked also

  2. flatironsprinkler

    Hi Christine,

    Sorry for the delay in the response; we had some website difficulties.

    The price of a new back flow prevention device varies depending on the model and type you need, but they will all be self-draining. We could have someone out to see you within a week. Please give Bonny a call in the office to set something up! Thanks very much.

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