Since the 1974 Federal Safe Water Drinking Act, municipalities have been requiring that property owners have backflow prevention systems in place to insure that water delivered to a residence or commercial building does not feed back into the municipal clean water supply.  Nearly all counties, cities and towns have laws requiring such devices, to insure that sewage and other unsafe water does not contaminate public water supplies.  The Safe Water Drinking Act further requires that all backflow prevention devices be tested and certified annually.  Property owner liability for contaminating a public drinking water supply can be very expensive.  We strongly encourage all property owners — and most definitely all commercial property owners — to have their backflow prevention devices tested and certified each year.  Flatiron has been installing, testing, and certifying backflow prevention devices since 1992 — you won’t find anyone in the area with more experience or expertise than us. And in the case of clean drinking water, it’s definitely better — and cheaper! — to be safe than sorry.

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